Monday, 23 April 2012

Make Up Free Monday

As the saying goes; 'Do something everyday that scares you'.

Well today's task doesn't so much as scare me, but rather makes me feel a little vulnerable and to be honest a tiny bit uncomfortable.

I've been following the fabulous Nikki over at BellaMumma for a while now, and I have been intrigued by her 'Make Up Free Monday' postings. Every week brave women the world over ditch the makeup & opt for a day free of war paint.

Feeling inspired by the legion of women, this week I am following suit. On Monday 23rd April I am going make up free.

While my typical day wouldn't consist of anything more than tinted moisturiser, concealer, and a sprinkling of bronzer and lick of mascara; going bare face isn't something which I've done since I was in my teens. [Given the weekend of partying which I've just had, my face is probably going to scare others more than myself!]

So why am I doing this?

For me, wearing make up is a personal choice. In short, most people use makeup to cover up perceived or real 'flaws' in their skin. Got freckles? Unwanted shine? Pale eyelashes? Large pores? Redness? Dark circles under your eyes? Puffiness? Scars? Bruises? Blackheads? Wearing make up covers up our little imperfections and gives the appearance of 'perfection' and a healthy blemish free face.

For many women, including myself, wearing make up gives a confidence boost. You might walk that bit taller, or be able to look people square in the eye, and in a nutshell, you can hold your own because on the inside you're happy that the external you is looking pretty good.

But do you loose your shine when you remove your makeup? Do you feel exposed and vulnerable at the thought of going 'naked'?

Happiness and confidence is an inside job. No matter what you wear when you have an inner contentment with who you are & what you look like, that light within you will dazzle.

As part of embracing my inner fearless female, I am going bare face today. I do feel a little awkward but as the day ticks on I find myself forgetting that I'm not wearing any makeup. As an added bonus at least five people have told me how lovely my skin looks!

Are you 'brave' enough to take the challenge? Feel like baring your fabulous face to the world?! Email you shots to Nikki @ and be in with a chance of winning your very own 'get-you-glowing' Olay Cleansers & Complete pack'.
Jenn xox


  1. Beautiful, Jenn! I love this idea too! Like the book in the pic! I LOVE GB!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  2. Me too Vari, I l.o.v.e GB! This girl seriously rocks my world. Such an awesome little book :) Jenn x

  3. You just inspired me to go for a walk with my dog without makeup! Haha. Loving your blog (found it through Connie's 90 Day Transformation FB page), lots of love xx


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